Feature level

Feature or basic level shows you a range of basic strategies that enable you to identify the most effective way of modelling an individual part.

Features at a glance


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It teaches both how to identify and create design intent using the most effective feature or group of features.

Before attempting these tutorials consider the following advice on where to begin modelling you part?

Where to start?

Dominant feature or profile

When modelling a part for the first time you are often faced with a difficult decision about where to begin modelling?

When you first start to consider how to model a part it is a good idea to try and identify a dominant profile in the first instance that will form the basis of a dominant feature.

For example, this may be as simple as a simple extrude or as complex as a surface form that drives the form of two or three other parts. Some examples are shown below.


Another good point by which to start considering your model is to consider the short animations in the 'features at a glance' pane on the right hand side.