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This involves using a reference form one part (for example, a datum plane/datum point) to create a feature within another part. This is particularly useful as it allows you to link the location of several features within a part with a series of separate features within other parts.

Reference-Reference tutorial

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Reference - Reference

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Reference – Reference tutorial.

Open up the assembly ‘gps.asm’.

1) Locate the part ‘gps_top.prt’ in the model tree and right click and select open.

We are now going to create some references, in this instance datum points, to share between parts to ensure intersecting features update automatically when one or other is changed.

2) Create these datum points by selecting ‘datum points on a surface’ using the following icon:

3) Select the underside of the top face on which to sketch and select sketch.

4) Accept the default sketching references by selecting close and place datum points using the ‘create datum points’ icon.

5) Arrange four datum points in a similar orientation to those shown here and exit the sketch by clicking the tick icon.

Reference-Reference tutorial

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